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Here at Owen Toyota, we have all the tools necessary to take care of those minor exterior issues you’ve been meaning to fix. All you need to do is ask for a Repair & Restore next time you book in for a service. In just a few hours, our Toyota trained technicians can complete paint repairs, and fix chips, scuffs, and scratches using advanced technology. At the same time, why not restore your headlights back to their original clean sparkle that will not only give your vehicle a fresher appearance, but will enhance your visibility when driving at night. Rest assured a Toyota R&R service will be competitively priced, environmentally friendly, and convenient thanks to same day servicing.

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New Service Available: Headlight Restoration

Over time, our harsh Australian environment can wreak havoc on your car's polycarbonate headlights, causing them to oxidise and discolour.

Faded and yellowed headlight lenses not only look unappealing, but they can also have substantially reduced light transmission, which has obvious implications for safety. In NSW, the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2017 light vehicle standards rules, state that a low-beam headlight must be able to illuminate the road ahead for at least 25 metres and a high-beam headlight for at least 50 metres, and other states have similar regulations. If your headlights are so faded that they can no longer achieve this, your car might fail its pink slip inspection, or you could even receive a defect notice and accompanying fine from the police. Unfortunately, there's little you can do to prevent your headlights from weathering over time, but the good news is Owen Toyota can restore them to their former glory, and for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new headlights.

The internet is awash with DIY Kits and techniques to perform headlight restorations, including car polish or fine grit sandpaper, to buffing with toothpaste and even avocado! But do these kits and ‘hacks’ work and are they worth the money? The answer is no. You may achieve various levels of clarity but within a short period of time your headlights will revert back to their old appearance. To gain a long-lasting restoration your headlights will need to be properly sealed and this cannot be done by applying a temporary “UV protection” spray or wipe most commonly found in DIY kits. Owen Toyota can guarantee their work because they apply a clear non-pigmented automotive paint that provides long-term resistance to different mechanical and chemical agents... the results are clear and long lasting!

Headlight restoration before and after

Introductory price: $280 per set of 2